Mini Farmers

The Mini Farmers programme goes above and beyond what our children experience every day at Mead Open Farm Day Nursery & Pre-School.

An introduction to Mini Farmers

Our Mini Farmers programme is aimed at our Pre-Schoolers, who rotate in groups to spend a week immersed on the farm.

During their designated week, children are based in the Mini Farmers barn, which is still safe and secure like the nursery building, however, because of its location provides the perfect opportunity for children to be enveloped in farm life and experience more natural learning opportunities.

The children will spend the majority of their time on the farm having enriched experiences that they can then expand upon back at the barn, with the support of experienced enthusiastic practitioners. We want children to be super excited about Mini Farmers and look forward to this alternative learning experience.

Who will care for your child during Mini Farmers?

Keyworkers are still part of this process to ensure your child feels secure and confident, however, there will be additional practitioners who continually work in Mini Farmers.

These additional members of the Mini Farmers team have the experience and knowledge to fully immerse children in the project.

We also use farm staff and actual farmers to provide knowledge for your child.  They not only learn about the farmers work at first hand but helps support your child’s development in making new relationships and learning about different people.



The benefits of Mini Farmers

  • Children enjoy the  great outdoors & more fresh air
  • Help care for animals,  following guidance from real farmers
  • Use gardening tools to plant and grow vegetables
  • Work with real life animals
  • Gives children an understanding of our natural world
  • Children learn about healthy foods and the change in seasons
  • Mini Farmers boosts self-confidence, problem solving, concentration and strength in young children

Mini Farmers eBook

Download our free eBook on Mini Farmers

The Mini Farmers Programme goes above and beyond what our children experience everyday. 

Download our free eBook with everything you need to know about Mini Farmers, including the benefits of the programme and what a week at Mini Farmers entails.

Mini Farmers eBook


What parents say

“Eliza absolutely loves Mini Farmers and gets so excited when it’s her week to spend time there. She has learned so much about the farm, taking care of the animals and really enjoys all the different activities. I love that she gets lots of hands on learning experience that I certainly wouldn’t be able to give her!

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